3rd Annual Exhibition of the Art Association of Indianapolis

April 26-May 17, 1886

Wendell Stanton Howard, Director. 141 paintings, the majority brought from the New Orleans Exposition, including "The Duelists," by E. Bayard; "The Sultan's Favorite" and "The Kiss of the Siren," by Gustave Wertheimer; "Outward Bound," by James E. Tyler; "The Master of the Way," by Jaques Wagriz; "An Old Canal in Dordrecht," by Frank M. Boggs. Three pictures were purchased by the Art Association: "The Kiss of the Siren," by Gustave Wertheimer; "Loch Lomond," by Arthur Parton; and "Homeward," by Margaret McDonald Pullman.

Exhibiting artists: Chester Loomis, Edward Gay, (George) M. Clark, Charles E. Porter, J. Jay Barber, F. R. Smith, Burr Nicholls, B. Gilman, Stanley Middleton, C. W. Conway, Fennetti, E. M. Wilson, J. A. Reed, Sue M. Ketcham, E. Bayard, Adam Lehr, E. Bartholomew, Robert C. Minor, E. Semenowski, Peter Macnab, Paul Soyer, A. R. Kirkpatrick, E. M. Fullerton, DeCodezo,.(George) F. Munn, V. E. Day, C. F. Schwerdt, Gustave Wertheimer, Jean Benner, T. C. Steele, W. Hulk, (James) G. Tyler, E M. Wilson, J. Carroll Beckwith, M. MacD. Pullman, Frank C. Bromley, Joseph van Severdonck, F. R. Miles, C. E. Dubois, H. Reynolds Bloomer, M. R. Dixon, (William) T. Field, John Ward Dunsmore, J. Frank Walso, John Durkin, A. F. Brooks, G. H. Clements, John Durkin, E. L. S. Adams, Evariste Vital Luminais, S. E. Cook, C. W. Conant, J. Crawford Thom, J. A. MacDougal, E. M. Wilson, M. A. Davenport, D. S. Pope, Jacques Wagrez, J. C. Nicoll, E. M. Fullerton, G. S. Truesdell, J. HowardJohn Tracy Harry Chase, I. Penneman, Arthur Hill, Fredck. S. Dellenbaugh, F. Leo Hunter, P. V. Berry, E. Dantan, D. F. Bigelow, , Frank M. Boggs, (William) H. Howe, C. A. Steele, S. Musgrave, N. V. Lidgerwood

3rd Annual Exhibition of the Art Association of Indianapolis Indianapolis Museum of Art 4000 Michigan Rd., Indianapolis, IN