8th Annual Exhibition of the Art Association of Indianapolis

April 14-May 5, 1891

J. Harrison Mills, Director. 233 pictures by American artists, including "Evangeline," by Samuel Richards, "The Christian Martyr," by J. Carroll Beckwith; "The Sisters," by T. C. Steele; "The Open Sea," by Alexander Harrison; "Chrysanthemums," by H. A. Granberry. The Association purchased "Christopher Sly," by C.Loomis (This painting received the gold medal at the Mechanics' Inst. Exhibit, Boston, 1890). "A Little Devotee," by Robert Reid, was given to the Association by Mrs. N. A. Hyde, Mrs. M. F. Ritzinger and Messrs. Stoughton J. and A. M. Fletcher.

The folllowing taken from "Directory of Artists Represtned in the Exhibition": A. D. Abbatt, C. P. Adams, W. J. Baer, J. C. Beckwith, E. M. Bicknell, A. E. Blackmore, L. Branson, H. Bruel, J. G. Brown, G. F. Bateman, Elizabeth H. Bateman, J. E. Bundy, H. R. Butler, L. H. Caliga, Jas. Cantwell, J. W. Champney, W. M. Chase, C. T. Chapman, D.F. Cleveland, O. R. Coast, E. I. Couse, R. C. Coxe, Cora B. Campbell, Florence Goldsmith, Julia A. Conner, Jacob Cox, E. Daingerfield, W. P. Dana. Wilder , P. De Luce, M. R. Dixon, J. W. Dunsmore, E. L. Durand, De Scott Evans, I. R. Edgar, A. Ellms, H. Fenn, Annie E. Ferry, L. B. Field, B. R. Fitz, Wm. L. Forsythe, B. Foster, E. Gay, W. Graham, H. A. Granberry, V. Granberry, Richard B. Gruelle, Nellie G. Harmon, J. Haberle, Wm. St. J. Harper, M. H. Hadley, P. Hale, H. Hallett, A. Harrison, B. Harrison, A. G. Eaton, Lillian J. Hill, E. J. Holgate, W. W. Holmes, A. F. Hunter, E. M. Ingraham, A. Insley, H. B. Jones, A. Kappes, W. S. Kendall, S. M. Ketcham, Emma B. King, D. Kotz, R. Koehler, F. E. LampertM. W. Lesley, S. Lawrence, J. Lauber, C. Linford, W. K. Longfellow, Cornelia Lueders, J. Lyman,, M. L. Macomber, E.L. Major, C.T. McChesney, J. A. McDougall, C. L. McIllhenny, E. Meeks, N. M. Metcalf, S. Middleton, J. H. Mills, J. R. Miller, H. A. Mills, T. Moran, C. A. Needham, H. Newall, L. W. Neilson, B. H. Nicholls, R. H. Nicholls, E. F. Nichols, A. C. Nowell, John Owen, Margaret McDonald Pullman, W. L. Palmer, S. Parrish, E. Parton, H. G. Plumb, A. P. Proctor, F. K. M. Rehn, R Reid, Alice Ross, P. P. Ryder, W. Sattleree, A. B. Sewell, Frank Scott, J. A. Seaford, Jas. D. Smillie, Geo. H. Smillie, Mrs. J. O. Spahr, T. C. Steele, Evaleen Stein, W. Shirlaw, R. M. Shurtleff, F. H. Smith, L. M. Steuart, W. Stone, J. Symington, F. W. Tewksbury. D. F. Thomas, H. Thompson, M. Trautschold, Q. Toaspern, B. H. Tyler, , K. van Elten, A. E. Wadsworth, M. N. Washburn, Sadie Weisenburg, Robert Burns Wilson, G. W. Waters, H. W. Watrous, S. E. Whiteman, R. J. Wickenden,O. C. Wigand, J. R. Wiles, J. H. Witt, L. Woodward

8th Annual Exhibition of the Art Association of Indianapolis Indianapolis Museum of Art 4000 Michigan Rd., Indianapolis, IN