9th Annual Exhibition of the Art Association of Indianapolis

April 12-May 15, 1892

J. Harrison Mill, Director. 288 paintings, including works of the Moran family (Edward Leon, Annette, Thomas, Peter, and Paul Nimmo.) "The Mother," by Alice Kellogg; "The Flight Into Egypt," by Robert Reid; "The Birth of Spring," by Elihu Vedder; a collection by Walter Shirlaw, and another including fifty-eight numbers, by R.V.V. and A.B. Sewell. The Association ordered the portrait of its President, Nathaniel Alden Hyde, to be painted by Mr. Theodore C. Steele. "In the Meadow," by Harry R. Poore, was presented to the Association by the Dramatic Club Catalog states ending date as: 05/04/1892

List of Artists: Agned D. Arbatt, Edward A. Bell, Daisy Brown, J. Carroll Beckwith, Lloyd Branson, P. V. Berry, J. J. Barber, M. Seymour Bloodgood, Ellen K. Baker, George R. Barse, W. J. Barr, J. E. Bundy, Mary M. Burgess, H. Buttner, E. H. Blashfield, C. W. Conant, J. Wells Champney, B. C. Clark, Josephine Sibley Cooper, Thomas G. Corner, Wm. M. Chase, E. I. Couse, Esther L. Coffin, Elizabeth R. Coffin, C. B. Coman, Della F. Cleveland, Edwin D. Connell, Alexis Comparet, W. M. Darling, Herbert Denman, J. W. Dunsmore, F. F. de Crano, C. Harry Eaton, De Scott Evans, Isabel R. Edgar, M. C. Merritt Fay, Annie E. Ferry, Wm. L. Forsythe, Alfred Fredericks, V. Granberry, C. A. Green, C. C. Griswold, Albert Groll, Theodore Groll, Edward Gay, R. B. Gruelle, Nellie G. Harmon, Lillian J. Hills, L. W. Hitchock, L. Fred. Hurd, E. L. Henry, Wm. S. Horton, Ida C. Haskell, H. N. Hyneman, A. W. Harrington, W. H. Holmes, Albert Insley, E. M. Ingraham, Frederick James, H. L. Jamison, Emma B. King, Alice D. Kellogg, S. M. Ketchum, Ada H. Kent, H. M. Knowlton, Daniel Kotz, Chester Loomis, Charles Russell Lommis, Joseph Lauber, E. E. Lampert, Clara W. Lathrop, Joseph Lyman, Laura W. Luce, Edward Moran, Leon Moran, Annette Moran, Thomas Moran, Peter Moran, Paul Nimmo Moran, M. L. Macomber, Walter McEwan, J. R. Miller, Henry A. Mills, J. Harrison Mills, J. A. S. Monks, N. W. Metcalf, Alice Mitchell, Edw. A. Moore, S. S. Munroe, C. Austin Needham, Burr H. Nicholls, R. Holmes Nicholls, H. Hobart Nichols, Elizabeth Nicholson, John Owen, Arthur Parton, H. G. Plumb, Stephen Parrish, H. R. Poore, Walter L. Palmer, Robert Reid, N. Yandes Robinson, Alice Kate Ross, F. K. M. Rehn, Robert Reid, A. V. W. Renouf, M.Rouzee, F. Rondel, J. A. Seaford, Frank E Scott, Roda E. Sellick, R. V. V. and A. B. Sewell, Edwin Schenck, Xanthus Smith, W. L. Sontag. E. M. Scott, F. W. Stokes, R. M. Shurtleftf, W. Shirlay, F. Hopkinson Smith, Elizabeth Spalding, A. G. Syks, Walter Satterlee, Mrs. J. O. Spahr, T. C. Steele, Joseph Tattersall, Julia Conner Thompson, M. K. Trotter, Patty Thum, J. H. Twachtman, Manifred Trautschold, R. M. Tyrrell, Kruseman van Elten, Elihu Vedder, Newton A. Wells, J. H. Witt, S. Edwin Whiteman, Mary C. Wheller, L. Woodward, A. M. Watson, Fred'k D. Williams, M. E. Worthington, Sadie Weisenburger, Harry D. Williams, Margaret D. Williams, John Howell Wilson.

9th Annual Exhibition of the Art Association of Indianapolis Indianapolis Museum of Art 4000 Michigan Rd., Indianapolis, IN