Christmas at Lilly House 2013

November 16, 2013-January 5, 2014

Christmas at Lilly House for 2013 will be the culmination of the year’s observance of the 100th anniversary of Oldfields. Holiday decor for the house will take inspiration from ideas and trends current during the second decade of the 20th century, when the estate was constructed. Although commercialism and mass-produced decorations were certainly part of the scene at this time, most American homes were not as lavishly decorated as they would become later in the century, and older traditions of using natural materials and blooming plants still held strong. Greenery cut and shipped from southern woodlands, such as palms and magnolia, augmented local materials and greenhouse-grown flowers to provide a wide variety of decorative choices. Christmas at Lilly House 2013 will evoke these early 20th-century traditions, providing a glimpse at how holidays looked when Oldfields was new.

Indianapolis Museum of Art 4000 Michigan Rd., Indianapolis, IN