Cirrus Editions/Crown Point Press

May 31, 2008-March 15, 2009

Crown Point Press, founded in San Francisco in 1962, and Cirrus Editions, founded in Los Angeles in 1970, have long been magnets for west coast painter-printmakers. With Crown Point specializing in etching and later woodcuts and Cirrus specializing in lithography, each attracted its own stable of loyal artists. Ed Ruscha, Bruce Nauman, William Wiley, and Vija Celmins produced significant bodies of lithographs at Cirrus in the early 1970s. Richard Diebenkorn, Brice Marden and John Cage were attracted to the intaglio expertise of Crown Point Press at the same time. Twenty prints from these two workshops have been selected from the IMA’s permanent collection.

Cirrus Editions/Crown Point Press Indianapolis Museum of Art 4000 Michigan Rd., Indianapolis, IN