Collection of American Paintings: 5th Annual Exhibition of the Art Association of Indianapolis

May 9-May 30, 1888

The Board directed the exhibit, which was collected in New York by Miss Isabel R. Edgar. 133 paintings, including works of J. Wells Champney, W. F. H. de Haas, William M. Chase, Irving R. Wiles, William Sartain, J. H. Doepp, J. A. Brown, H. Bolton Jones and F. S. Church.

Exhibiting Artists: J. Wells Champney, Percival deLuce, Florence A. Francis, George C. Everett, M. F. H. de Haas, William M. Chase, Carlton T. Chapman, Wwilliam Verplanck Birney, Irving R. Wies, Walter Satterlee, T. C. Steele, J. O. Adams, William Sartain, James D. Smillie, A. G. Heaton, C. Harry Eaton, Richard B. Gruelle, F. K. M. Rehn, Herbert Denman, R. M. Shurtleff, Alice Shea, Caroline Matthews, H. L. Williams, J. E. Bundy, Maria Brooks, Charles H. Miller, Arthur Parton, J. H. Dolph, H. G. Davidson, Gustave Wertheimer, Jacob Cox, Louis C. Tiffany, J. G. Brown, William Noron, R. Fehdmer, Charles Russell, F. R. Unterberger, William C. Fitler, Oscar R. Coast, Mary Robinson, Sue M. Ketcham, Jane Harison, G. W. Brenneman, W. C. Brazington, Charles Russell Loomis, William Forsythe, Charles Warren Eaton, E. M. Bicknell, Eleanor Greatorex, J. N. Marble, H. Bolton Jones, R. Wain Gifford, . William J. Rice, C. Y. Turner, G. W. Maynard, A. H. Wyant, Burr H. Nicholls, William J. McKloskey, J. G. Groshon, A. C. Howland, F. S. Church, Francis Day, Alexandr Schilling, Frederick W. Freer, Harry Williams, William E. Norton, Israel R. Edgar, H. D. Naudine, Henry Farrer, C. McChesney, C. W. Conant, Amy Cross, Charles Mente, Paul Putzki, A. D. Storrs, Rhoda Holmes Nicholls, Elija Aspinwall, Herber Denman, A. T. Bricher, Eliza Aspinwall, Isabel R. Edgar, Harry Chase, E. M. Ingrahm, Alice Ross, McD. Pullman,

Indianapolis Museum of Art 4000 Michigan Rd., Indianapolis, IN