Exhibition of Watercolors

May 1-May 30, 1922

New York Watercolor Club/American Watercolor Society - exhibit consisted of 80 paintings. The 61 artists included: Elizabeth Barrett, Charles Basing, Arthur Beaumont, Louis Berneker, E. B. Bicknell, George Blake, Gertrude Bourne, Mathilda Browne, Howard Butler, Egvert Cadmus, John Carlson, G. H. Clements, Alphaeus Cole, Dorothy Cother, E. Irving Couse, Julius Delbos, Edward Dugner, Charles Eaton, Arthur Everson, George Ennis, Helen Ewing, Boyer Gonzales, Charles P. Gruppe, W. Granville-Smith, etc.

Exhibition of Watercolors Indianapolis Museum of Art 4000 Michigan Rd., Indianapolis, IN