FLOW: Can You See the River?

September 22, 2011-February 26, 2012

Mary Miss’s project titled FLOW: Can You See the River? reveals important and unique elements of the White River water system through a series of installations at stopping points along the river and the canal, engaging visitors and increasing awareness of the watershed and the role that it plays in the life of the city and its inhabitants.

Miss’s installation in the IMA’s Efroymson Family Entrance Pavilion serves as an introduction to her expansive project outside the museum’s walls. In a continuation of Miss’s tagline for the FLOW—“All property is riverfront property. The river starts at your door.”—visitors can utilize a large map covering the floor of the Pavilion to locate their homes in relation to local bodies of water. Miss’s indoor installation makes visceral the environmental impact of everyday actions of local residents, by illustrating the watershed in relation to Indianapolis and demonstrating how easily the White River and other bodies of water is impacted by the daily activities of locals.

Support generously provided through the Efroymson Family Fund, a fund of Central Indiana Community Foundation.

Visit the FLOW microsite for additional information.

About the Artist

Known for her environmentally based artwork, Mary Miss lives and works in New York City. She has reshaped the boundaries between sculpture, architecture, landscape design and installation art by articulating a vision of the public sphere where it is possible for an artist to address the issues of our time. Social, cultural and environmental sustainability are the focus of installations that allow the visitor to become aware of local history, ecology or other aspects of the site that have gone unnoticed. Miss has collaborated closely with architects, planners, engineers, ecologists and public administrators on projects as diverse as creating a temporary memorial around the perimeter of Ground Zero, marking the predicted flood level of Boulder, Colorado, revealing the history of the Union Square Subway station in New York City or turning a sewage treatment plant into a public space. A recipient of multiple awards, Miss has participated in exhibitions at the Harvard University Art Museum, Brown University Gallery, The Institute of Contemporary Art in London, the Architectural Association in London, Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design and the Des Moines Art Center.

Indianapolis Museum of Art 4000 Michigan Rd., Indianapolis, IN