November 5, 2010-March 6, 2011

Kate Gilmore, American. b. 1975, Break of Day, 2010, plywood, paint, clay vessels, performance, single channel video on DVD (color, sound), 18:34, Courtesy of the artist. Commissioned by the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

Taking Bruce Nauman’s Dance or Exercise on the Perimeter of a Square (1967-68) and Richard Serra’s Frame (1969) as points of departure, this exhibition brings together for the first time recent video work that documents artists’ bodily confrontation with the frame of the camera and boundaries delimited within. Through a variety of movements, procedures, and performances, the artists in Framed investigate the space between self and environment, self and other, and the divide between what is recorded by a camera and the indefinite expanse of unmediated life. Each video depicts the artist as he or she marks, follows, or grapples with a boundary and thereby maps the space of a now-expanded studio, still encompassing the familiar territory of four-walled artist’s studio, but also stretching into the street, city, and wider surroundings.

Framed features Serra and Nauman’s seminal films along with recent works by Kate Gilmore, Sigalit Landau, Lilly McElroy, Robin Rhode, Melanie Schiff, and Type A.

Framed Indianapolis Museum of Art 4000 Michigan Rd., Indianapolis, IN