Hiroshige: Famous Views in the 60-Odd Provinces

July 21, 2017-April 1, 2018

Utagawa Hiroshige (Japanese, 1797–1858), Kai, 1853, ink on paper, color woodblock print, 13-5/8 × 9-1/16 in. Indianapolis Museum of Art, John Herron Fund, 10.184.

Take a journey with renowned Japanese artist Utagawa Hiroshige through his breathtaking landscape paintings of the 66 provinces of Japan. Completed in 1856, Hiroshige’s Famous Views in the 60-Odd Provinces captured the beauty of Japan in vivid detail, just as leisurely travel was taking hold in the country. From famous landmarks, to beachside cliffs, Hiroshige provided a window into every corner of 19th-century Japan. In a novel approach for landscape prints, Hiroshige used vertical compositions rather than the usual horizontal. This allowed him to emphasize deep distances, towering heights, and unique vantage points.

Due to the light sensitivity of these pieces of art, this exhibition will consist of two rotations, each featuring half of the 70 prints.

Hiroshige: Famous Views in the 60-Odd Provinces Indianapolis Museum of Art 4000 Michigan Rd., Indianapolis, IN