Loan Exhibit

January 1-January 31, 1885

This was a minor exhibit - no information is known about the works exhibited -- the location and exact dates are unknow. It was held in January, 1885 and lasted from 3 days to a week. Foregin Loan; Artists: Robert C. Minor; Henry F. Smith; J. H. Twachtman, D. W. Tryon, P. V. Berry; E. Sinkel; M. A. Kennicott; W. S. Macy;J. Francis Murphy; N. S. Jacobs Smilie; Harry Chase; William T. Richardson; Henry Mosler; Sarah M. Osborn; Thomas Moran; J. C. Nicoll; H. Volkenburg; J. W. Casilear; Gerome Ferris; Edwin Howland Blashfield; Niel Mitchell; J. Appleton Brown; F. C. Penfold; Leo Moran; M. F. H. Haas; Arthur Parton; S. R. Macknight; Frank Waller;George Maynard; W. McEwan; Arthu Quartley; F. van Lemputtes; H. Hartwick; C. Pujol; J. C. Thom; J. H. Doph; Morston Ream; Virgelio Tojetti; A. T. Bricher; Walter Shirlaw; Wm. Hart; Dora Wheel; S Norse; W. A. Coffin; P. Seignac; Samuel Colman; L. A. Brook; Prosper L. Senat; F. K. M. Rehn, George M. Clark, C. E. DuBois;

Loan Exhibit Indianapolis Museum of Art 4000 Michigan Rd., Indianapolis, IN