Paintings by contemporary Norwegian Artists

May 12-June 9, 1907

23 numbers by 23 artists. The collection of Norwegian paintings was brought to the United States for exhibition at the St. Louis Museum of Fine Arts and at the Hall of the Copley Society, Boston. By arrangement the John Herron Art Institute was included. The paintings are representattive of Norwegian Art of the present day, being strikingly national in feeling and marked by simplicity and a fresh view of nature. Artists: Harriet Backer, Fr. Borgen, F. Collet, Jacob Gloersen, Nils Hansteen, Thorolf Holmboe, Lars Jorde, Kitty Kielland, Charles Krohg, Oda Krohg, Henrik Lund, Gerhard Munthe, Amaldus Nielsen, Eilif Petersen, Charles Skrwsoig, G. Stenersen, Fritz Thaulow

Paintings by contemporary Norwegian Artists Indianapolis Museum of Art 4000 Michigan Rd., Indianapolis, IN