Paintings by Philip Little, Harold Warren, George R. Barse, Jr., William E. Schumacher, Charles Emile Heil, and Louis Kronberg

April 1-April 27, 1913

Mr. Little was born at Swampscott, MA. in 1857, and his art training was entirely in the Boston Schools. He was awarded one of the prizes at the Annual Exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago (1912) and is represented in the City Art Museum, St. Louis. He has 21 paintings in this show. Mr. Warren was born in Manchester, England, October 16, 1851. Pupil of Professors Moore and Norton at Harvard University. Represented by four pictures in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. He has 31 paintings in this exhibit. Mr. Barse was born in Detroit in 1861 and received his training at the Chicago Art Institute, Ecole des Beaux Arts and Ecole Julian, Paris. He is represented in numerous museum collections. He has 13 paintings in this exhibit. Mr. Schumacher was born in Boston in 1870 and has studied and lived for some years in Paris. He has 20 paintings in this exhibit. Mr. Heil was born in Boston February 28, 1870 and has studied in Boston and Paris. He has 6 works in this exhibit. Mr. Kronberg was born in Boston, December 10, 1871.He has painted some of the most noted people in American and in Europe. He has specialized in pictures of the stage. He is represented in many collections, including the John Herron Art Institute and has 18 paintings in this exhibit.

Indianapolis Museum of Art 4000 Michigan Rd., Indianapolis, IN