Power and Glory: Court Arts of China's Ming Dynasty

October 26, 2008-January 11, 2009

Featuring a full range of objects in use at the imperial court of the Ming dynasty, this exhibition was organized by the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco in association with the Palace Museum, Beijing; the Nanjing Municipal Museum; and the Shanghai Museum. It was the first major exhibition to focus solely on the court arts of the Ming dynasty. Some of the objects in the exhibition were from newly excavated tombs of individuals related to the Ming court and had never been shown before outside of China. The exhibition was comprised of more than 200 items that include paintings; gold and jade; textiles; jewelry; architectural and funereal objects; carvings and lacquer pieces; porcelains; and enamel and metal work. After opening at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, the IMA was the first of two venues to host this exhibition.

Power and Glory at the IMA was sponsored by Fifth Third Bank.

Image credit: Two dragons presenting a heart-shaped amber, buried 1647-1658, Nanjing Municipal Museum.

Power and Glory: Court Arts of China's Ming Dynasty Indianapolis Museum of Art 4000 Michigan Rd., Indianapolis, IN