Recent Work of Home Artists

January 15-January 22, 1898

Twenty-eight local artists displayed 226 numbers, including oils, water colors, pastels, decorative designs, and illuminated texts. Artists: J.O. Adams, W.C. Brazington, I. Browne, A. Comingore, A.R. Coffin, A.A. Forsythe, W. Forsythe, H.R. M'Ginniss, H.E. M'Kay, R.B. Gruelle, M.O. Haldeman, A.R. Hadley, E.M. Ingraham, V.H. Keep, E.B. King, A. Matzze, A. Metzner, L.M. Rowe, M. Rudisill, O. Stark, E. Stevenson, T.C. Steele, M. Steele, E.E. Sickler, B. Steele, T. Tice, L.A. Wilson

Recent Work of Home Artists Indianapolis Museum of Art 4000 Michigan Rd., Indianapolis, IN