Recent Work of Home Artists

February 6-February 14, 1897

196 works by 29 local artists including: J.O. Adams, William Forsyth, R.B. Gruelle,Margaret Rudisell, Otto Stark, and Brandt, Margaret and T.C. Steele. Of conspicuous interest because showing the largest number of local artists ever represented here. Artists' names from exhibition catalog: J. O. Adams, Lyda Becker, Imogene Brown, Annie R. Coffin, Ada Comingor, Mrs. M. Fay, William Forsyth, E. B. Gruelle, M. O. .Haldeman, Anna Hasselman, Bessie Hendricks, Mrs. C. B. Ingraham, Estella Peel Izor, Emma King Helen McKay, J. R. Miller, Henry R. McGinnis, C. A. Nicoll, Mary Robinson, Margaret Rudisell, W. Seegmiller, R. E. Selleck, Otto Stark, Brandt Steele, Margaret Steele, T. C. Steele, Elizabeth Stevenson, Tempe Tice, Sadie Weisenburger.

Recent Work of Home Artists Indianapolis Museum of Art 4000 Michigan Rd., Indianapolis, IN