Seventh American Photographic Salon

November 9-November 27, 1910

Conducted by the American Federation of Photographic Societies. Henry Mosler, A. H. Griffiths, Edmund H. Osthaus, George W. Stevens comprised the jury. 210 works by 87 artists. Some exhibiting artists: C.Y. Abbott, G.C. Abbott, H.O. Albrecht, G. Alexander, A.R. Allen, E.R. Allen, J.W. Anderson, P.L. Anderson, O.S. Anthony, M.H. Arbogast, C.K. Archer, L.A. Armer, J.T. Banfield, M.E. Baumberger, H.O. Bodine, C. Booz, E. Brown, R. Bruce, F. Bruguiere, C.K. Chamberlain, M.W. Chapin, J. Chislett, C.W. Christiansen

Seventh American Photographic Salon Indianapolis Museum of Art 4000 Michigan Rd., Indianapolis, IN