Special Exhibition of Paintings by Henry Golden Dearth, Louis Paul Dessar, & Charles H. Woodbury

April 2-May 2, 1910

H. G. Dearth was born at Bristol, R.I., April 22, 1863. He is one of the most prominent American painters of landscapes with figures. There are 16 works by Dearth in this exhibition. L. P. Dessar was born in Indianapolis, IN, 1867. He has paintings in numerous private and museum collections. Ten of his works are in this exhibition. C. H. Woodbury was born in Lynn, MA, 1864. A member of the National Academy, he has studied especially the form and movement of water -- mostly along the coast of Maine, though also the open sea. He has 37 of his works in this exhibit, including 4 watercolors.

Indianapolis Museum of Art 4000 Michigan Rd., Indianapolis, IN