Special Exhibition of Watercolors by Members of the Americna Water Color Society

May 6-May 23, 1905

Special exhibit of the work of the Water-Color Society of New York. 108 numbers representing the work of 48 artists: A.D. Abbott, C. Beckwith, A. Bricher, F. Bridges, J. Brown, C. Chapman, C. Cooper, E. Couse, C. Curran, P. De Luce, T. De Thulstrup, W. Drake, L. Earle, C. Eaton, G. Edwards, H. Fenn, C. Hassam, H. Jones, W. Lippincott, G. Maynard, C. Mente, P. Moran, T. Moran, R. Nicholls, J. Nicoll, H. Newell, W. Palmer, W. Post, E. Potthast, A. Proctor, F. Rehn, W. Richards, W. Robinson, W. Satterlee, W. Schneider W. Shelton, R. Sherwood, W. Shirlaw, R. Shurtleff, W. Smedley, J. Smillie, G. Smillie, N. Smillie, W. Smith, F. Smith, H. Snell, J. Symington, K. Van Elten, W. Whittemore. Explanatory talks given by Messrs. Steele, Gruelle, Adams, Stark, and Forsyth.

Indianapolis Museum of Art 4000 Michigan Rd., Indianapolis, IN