The Viewing Project: Above and Below

September 23, 2011-November 6, 2012

Maya Lin, Above and Below, 2007.

When the act of looking at a work of art is separated from the act of learning information about it, we become aware that both activities are significant in their own right. In Viewing Project 8 we will feature Maya Lin’s sculpture, Above and Below, a site specific work commissioned by the IMA in 2007, which is located on the Floor 3 William L. and Jane Fortune Balcony outside the Asian galleries. In the Davis Lab on Floor 2 lots of information about Maya Lin’s sculpture will be presented, including a model of the sculpture, video interviews with the artist, the artist’s final design booklet, several slideshows depicting the installation of the work on the balcony, and some line drawings made by the artist. To experience Above and Below, it is necessary to make the trip outside to stand underneath the sculpture on the balcony.

Exhibition Video

The Viewing Project: Above and Below Indianapolis Museum of Art 4000 Michigan Rd., Indianapolis, IN