The Viewing Project Home: Bill Viola’s The Quintet of the Silent

April 2, 2009-November 4, 2011

Bill Viola, The Quintet of the silent, 2001. Dan and Lori Efroymson Fund, acquired through Art for Today 2002, an exhibition organized by the Contemporary Art Society.

Bill Viola’s The Quintet of the Silent was selected as VP Home because it literally and figuratively rewards longer looking. In this work of art the artist slows one minute of video to play over fifteen minutes. If given only a cursory glance, a viewer might assume this work of art to be a painting, or a still photograph. Only longer looking can reveal the subtleties of changing facial expressions and movements of the body in the five actors whom he has captured here. Since this work of art served an iconic function for The Viewing Project, it was selected to run for the entire duration of the 3-year project. When The Quintet of the Silent was incorporated into The Viewing Project in April 2009, it remained in its home location in the Contemporary galleries, but received a new flip-up label, a booklet of text providing information about the work of art and the intentions of The Viewing Project, as well as a comment card box to gather visitor feedback.

The Viewing Project is a three-year series of small-scale installations designed to offer visitors creative and enjoyable experiences with objects from the IMA's permanent collection. Although themes vary, the main goals of all Viewing Project installations remain constant: to encourage active looking, to support visitor creativity and engagement, and to present objects from the permanent collection in new ways.

Funded in part by a generous grant from ART MENTOR FOUNDATION LUCERNE.

The Viewing Project Home: Bill Viola’s The Quintet of the Silent Indianapolis Museum of Art 4000 Michigan Rd., Indianapolis, IN