The Viewing Project: The Museum of Wonder

October 14, 2011-April 15, 2012

The Museum of Wonder evokes the origin of the modern art museum in the cabinets of curiosities and Wunderkammern that appeared in Europe in the 16th-century as collections of natural and man-made marvels. Rather than recreating the appearance and premise of an historic Wunderkammer, this installation extracts characteristics of the form that resonate with contemporary times and amplifies those characteristics. Specifically, the installation focuses on the power of relationships or juxtapositions – of both like and unlike – that allow objects to be seen and understood in new ways. The Museum of Wonder presents a tightly clustered array of objects from across the collection and offers visitors an interactive experience. Look for other Viewing Project displays located throughout the permanent collection galleries.

G. Wingendorp, Musei Wormiani historia, fold-out frontispiece to Museum Wormianum. Seu, Historia rerum rariorum…, 1655, ink on paper. Courtesy of the John Carter Brown Library at Brown University.

The Viewing Project: The Museum of Wonder Indianapolis Museum of Art 4000 Michigan Rd., Indianapolis, IN