The Viewing Project: Seeing Tripled

October 29, 2008-March 29, 2009

Just because works of art make use of the same, basic subjects doesn’t mean they all say the same thing to us as viewers. Here three works of art from widely different cultures, made from very different materials are displayed. Each shows a close connection between a woman and a child – and each connection is different. Considered as a group, we think these three works or art create an interesting conversation.

The Viewing Project is a three-year series of small-scale installations designed to offer visitors creative and enjoyable experiences with objects from the IMA's permanent collection. Although themes vary, the main goals of all Viewing Project installations remain constant: to encourage active looking, to support visitor creativity and engagement, and to present objects from the permanent collection in new ways. Over the next two years you’ll see new installations of the Viewing Project in the Alliance Gallery, located on Gallery Level 1. We invite you to visit our signature piece for The Viewing Project, Bill Viola’s The Quintet of the Silent, located on Gallery Level 3.

Funded in part by a generous grant from ART MENTOR FOUNDATION LUCERNE and support from Wayne Zink.

The Viewing Project: Seeing Tripled Indianapolis Museum of Art 4000 Michigan Rd., Indianapolis, IN