To Live Forever

Exhibition Preview

To Live Forever: Egyptian Treasures from the Brooklyn Museum

July 13 - September 7, 2008
Indianapolis Museum of Art

To Live Forever explores the ancient Egyptian belief that death was an enemy that could be beaten through proper preparation. 120 objects, including statuary, coffins, jewelry and vessels, from the Brooklyn Museum's extensive, world-renowned collection tells the story of mummification, the funeral procession and rituals, the contents of the tomb, the final judgment, and the idealized afterlife. See funeral accessories that were used to defeat death and achieve success in the afterlife.

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RETAIL: Bastet Cat
Worshipped throughout ancient Egypt, Bastet (or Bast) became known as the goddess of joy and protector of women. Made in Egypt. Only $25.
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Meet the Mummy

Meet the Mummy

Say hello to Demetrios. See beyond the linen wrappings and explore interactive CT scans — 3-D x-rays — of this 2,000-year-old mummy... More

Ancient Treasures: Timeline

Ancient Object Timeline

The Egyptian objects showcased in To Live Forever were created during a time span of more than 4,000 years. Explore examples from the exhibition as well as some examples from other parts of the ancient world... More

Exhibition Gallery

Explore objects from the exhibition, including coffins, canopic jars, and more... More

Your Afterlife

If you lived forever what would you take with you? Check out what folks from Indianapolis can't live (or die) without... More

About the IMA & Brooklyn Museum collaboration

The IMA often creates a special web presence for major traveling exhibitions, but for To Live Forever, a special opportunity presented itself. Both the IMA and the Brooklyn Museum are institutions that have a significant interest and investment in building online communities. It seemed only natural to combine those goals in the making of this web site.... More