The African Queen

(1951, dir. John Huston, 105 mins.) | Humphrey Bogart, Katharine Hepburn

The African Queen (1951). United Artists/Photofest ©United Artists.

Bogart plays a booze-guzzling, rough-hewn captain of a broken-down East African riverboat, who teams with a straitlaced, iron-willed missionary (Hepburn) to take on a menacing German gunboat during World War I on the Ulonga-Bora river. A classic study in star charisma and perfect casting chemistry, The African Queen was nominated for four Oscars--for actress, actor, director and original screenplay; Bogart won his sole Oscar for his role. Much of the film was shot on location in Uganda and the Congo, and it marks director Huston’s first outing in color. Romantic, exciting and often hilarious, The African Queen is the pinnacle of Hollywood’s Golden Age of escapism. 35 mm film print courtesy of Eric Grayson.

Preceded by the animated short, The Gorilla Hunt (1938).

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