Asian Art Society Film Series: In the Mood for Love

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In the Mood for Love
(2000, dir. Kar Wai Wong, 98 mins., Hong Kong / France, PG)
In 1962 Hong Kong, neighbors Li-zhen and Chow strike up a friendship in their spouses frequent absences. Discovering their spouses’ infidelity draws the two closer and unrequited love unfolds in lush, saturated scenes as both Chow and Li-zhen refuse to abandon their marital vows. “…Wong Kar-wai directs this moody period drama … that, like his earlier work, swoons with romantic melancholy”- Jonathan Crow, Rovi


Friday, March 15: Lost in Translation
(2003, dir. Sofia Coppola, 103 mins., USA/Japan, R)
An unlikely story of love and friendship begins when Bob, a washed-up American actor, and Charlotte, the young wife of a successful photographer, meet in a Tokyo hotel bar. Both lonely, disillusioned, and experiencing culture shock, the duo begins exploring Tokyo together - their togetherness keeping them from becoming lost in an unfamiliar city. With an Oscar-winning screenplay and delicious cinematography, Lost in Translation is a brief encounter that will leave you wanting more. Tickets

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