Asian Art Society Film Series: My Beautiful Launderette

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My Beautiful Launderette
(1985, dir. Stephen Frears, 97 mins., UK, R)
Omar, son of a Pakistani immigrant living in London, is torn between following his father’s advice of attending university and his uncle’s entrepreneurial example. His uncle Nasser (Saeed Jaffrey) wins out when he agrees to let Omar manage his run-down launderette. Helped by former schoolmate Johnny (Daniel Day-Lewis), the two transform the launderette into a success as they rekindle their romance. Racial, political and emotional tensions abound as Omar attempts to stake out his own identity in this portrait of the immigrant experience in Great Britain.


Friday, March 8: In the Mood for Love
(2000, dir. Kar Wai Wong, 98 mins., Hong Kong / France, PG)
In 1962 Hong Kong, neighbors Li-zhen and Chow strike up a friendship in their spouses frequent absences. Discovering their spouses’ infidelity draws the two closer and unrequited love unfolds in lush, saturated scenes as both Chow and Li-zhen refuse to abandon their marital vows. “…Wong Kar-wai directs this moody period drama … that, like his earlier work, swoons with romantic melancholy”- Jonathan Crow, Rovi

Friday, March 15: Lost in Translation
(2003, dir. Sofia Coppola, 103 mins., USA/Japan, R)
An unlikely story of love and friendship begins when Bob, a washed-up American actor, and Charlotte, the young wife of a successful photographer, meet in a Tokyo hotel bar. Both lonely, disillusioned, and experiencing culture shock, the duo begins exploring Tokyo together - their togetherness keeping them from becoming lost in an unfamiliar city. With an Oscar-winning screenplay and delicious cinematography, Lost in Translation is a brief encounter that will leave you wanting more.

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