Planet Indy: Watermark

DeBoest Lecture Hall

Rice Terraces #2, Western Yunnan Province, China, 2012
© Edward Burtynsky, courtesy Nicholas Metivier Gallerry, Toronto / Howard Greenberg & Bryce Wolkowitz, New York

Filmmakers Jennifer Baichwal and Nick de Pencier team up with renowned photographer Edward Burtynsky to explore the human relationship with water across the world. How has it shaped us? How have we shaped it? What are the consequences? From the construction of the largest dam in the world, the Xiluodu, to the baren delta where the Colorado River once connected to the ocean, to a sacred ritual in the Ganges, Watermark will immerse you in a magnificent force of nature.

Planet Indy: Watermark Indianapolis Museum of Art 4000 Michigan Rd., Indianapolis, IN