Tillie’s Punctured Romance

The Toby

Tillie’s Punctured Romance, 1914 © Mutual Film and Alco Film Corporation

(1914, dirs. Mack Sennett and Charles Bennett, 82 mins., NR)
Considered the first ever feature-length comedy, Tillie’s Punctured Romance features Charlie Chaplin as a greedy philanderer. Charlie meets Tillie while on the “outs” with his girlfriend, Mabel. When he realizes that Tillie’s father is well-off, he persuades her to elope, runs off with her money and Mabel. Returning for Tillie when she inherits her uncle’s fortune, Charlie tricks her yet again until Tillie and Mabel realize they are too good for Charlie and send him packing. Musical accompaniment by Dr. Philip Carli.

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