• What are the hours of the Park?

    100 Acres is open daily, dawn to dusk.
    The Ruth Lilly Visitors Pavilion is open from April to October from 11 am to 7 pm. Restroom access is available year round.

  • How much does it cost to visit?

    Admission to the Park is FREE.

  • How do I get there by car?

    Park at 100 Acres lot (ADA and stroller accessible)


    * Heading westbound on 38th Street, continue past the IMA’s parking lot entrance for the IMA’s main entrance
    * Immediately exit at N. White River Parkway East Drive on your right.
    * Follow the road as it winds around Free Basket by Los Carpinteros. On your left you will see the entrance to the free parking lot.


    * Coming eastbound on 38th Street, turn left into the main IMA Campus park at stop light
    * Drive around the circle drive in front of the Museum and head back toward 38th Street. Make a right turn out of the parking lot at the light.
    * Immediately exit at N. White River Parkway East Drive on your right.
    * Follow the road as it winds around Free Basket by Los Carpinteros. On your left you will see the entrance to the free parking lot.

  • How do I get there on foot?

    * Walk from the main parking lot walk towards the Sutphin Fountain
    * Follow the sidewalk around Deer Zink Events Pavilion and continue along the path. Cross the stone bridge.
    * Follow path until you come to the silver sign on left in front of the Formal Garden
    * Take the gravel path through the garden
    * The path will become stone and lead to a set of steps to the left
    * Take the steps down (Not ADA or stroller accessible)
    * Turn right and walk across the red Waller Pony Truss bridge to enter the Park

  • How do I get there by bike or bus?

    * 100 Acres is accessible from the Central Canal towpath that runs north from Broad Ripple to the Park. Bike racks are available at all entrances to 100 Acres.
    * The IMA is located on Indy Go bus routes #34 and #38
  • What should I bring?

    Friends, family and a picnic are perfect for 100 Acres! Just make sure to wear comfortable clothing and shoes as the Park has some inclines and trails.

  • Can I bring my dog?

    Yes! 100 Acres is open to dogs, but they must remain on a leash at all times and owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets.

  • Are there restrooms available in the Park?

    There are restrooms located in the Ruth Lilly Visitor Pavilion and open daily from 11 am to 7 pm.

  • Can I ride my bike or skateboard in the Park?

    Bikes and skateboards are not allowed within the Park, however we encourage you to go green and ride your bike to 100 Acres. There are bike racks near the entrances to the Park for securing your bike while you visit the grounds.

  • How do I take strollers into the Park?

    The most convenient entrance for strollers and other wheeled items is the Fehnel Entrance located adjacent to the 100 Acres parking lot.

  • Is 100 Acres safe?

    Besides IMA security being present during open hours, emergency call stations are spread throughout the Park and can be used at any hour for true emergencies. We do ask that you keep your safety in mind when you visit 100 Acres and be aware of your surroundings. Please do not leave valuables in your personal vehicle. The IMA is not responsible for any lost or missing items.

  • Are we allowed to touch the artwork?

    Most of the site-specific installations are intended for a completely hands-on experience. Atelier Van Lieshout’s Funky Bones, Jeppe Hein’s Bench Around the Lake, and Los Carpintero’s Free Basket are great for playing on and or just taking a seat while enjoying the scenery around you. Alfredo Jaar’s Park of the Laments is designed to walk through and reflect on the combination of art and nature and events from today’s society. Kendall Buster’s Stratum Pier is available to walk on or even fish from– if you have an Indiana fishing license and use artificial bait.

  • Are there guided tours of the Park?

    Yes, every Saturday and Sunday in April through September, there are guided tours at 11:00 am. These tour groups meet at Lake Terrace and the tours last approximately 1 hour. You can access information and a mobile guided tour of the park by visiting www.imamuseum.org on your smartphone.

  • How can I find a map of the Park?

    There are maps located throughout the Park or you can press back and select Maps from the 100 Acres mobile menu.

  • How long is the walk from the parking lots to the artwork and the Ruth Lilly Visitors Pavilion?

    There are nearly 3 miles of pedestrian pathways in 100 Acres, with artwork located throughout the Park. The Ruth Lilly Visitors Pavilion is located in the northeast corner of the Park, approx 0.4 miles from the 100 Acres parking lot, and about 0.6 miles from the museum parking lot

  • Can I walk all the way around the lake?

    Throughout most of the year the Lake and the White River are connected by an outlet stream on the west side of the lake. This stream makes it impossible to walk all the way around the lake. During long periods of dry weather, however, the water level may be low enough to step across the outlet stream.

  • What kinds of wildlife can be seen in 100 Acres?

    The Park is home to more than 100 types of birds including blue jays, cardinals, woodpeckers, and several species of owls, hawks, and ducks. By the lake you can visit with amphibians and reptiles such as turtles, toads, and frogs. Throughout the wooded areas of the park there are chipmunks, squirrels, minks, moles, possums and deer.