About Thaw

Revealing the extraordinary range of art produced by Native American cultures, Art of the American Indians: The Thaw Collection features more than 100 outstanding works from one of the premier collections in the country. The exhibition presents an astonishing variety of pieces, including ritual objects, ceremonial clothing, pottery, and basketry. These masterworks provide a glimpse of the diversity of expression found in Native American art, and reflect the importance of the arts in sustaining ancient traditions that still exist today and will endure in the future.

This exhibition is organized by the Fenimore Art Museum in Cooperstown, New York.

Exhibition Catalogue

The exhibition and catalogue explore the extraordinarily diverse forms of visual expression in American Indian heritage. Organized by geographic culture areas, the objects were chosen both for their high artistic quality and to provide insight into the complex cultural, aesthetic and spiritual meanings embedded in the art. The objects date from well before first Europlean contact to the present, and celebrate the continuing vitality of American Indian art. This catalogue was edited by Eva Fognell, who also contributed the Introduction. Essays are written by Janet Catherine Berlo, Ruth B. Phillips, Joe Horse-Capture, Stephen A. LeBlanc, Jessica Horton, Aldona Jonaitis and Norman Vorano. Purchase from the Museum Store.