Affiliate Memberships

IMA Affiliates offer members unique opportunities to become more involved in the life of the Museum by exploring their own passions. Affiliate members look at art from a behind-the-scenes point of view with exclusive tours of the IMA permanent collection, programs and special events related to the mission of each group. Each IMA Affiliate has its own board and programming, which support the Museum’s collection and operations. Learn more about the organizations below or contact, for additional information.

Upcoming Events

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The Marguerite T. Smith Fall Lecture
Special Event
Thursday, September 28 / 5:30 pm

Alliance of the IMA

As the longest established IMA Affiliate group, the Alliance develops and supports activities and projects that will stimulate public interest in the Museum, its educational programs, and collections.

Asian Art Society

The AAS offers its members the opportunity to learn more about Asian art, history and cultural traditions through exclusive exhibition previews, lectures and classes.

Contemporary Art Society

CAS is a dynamic group which expands understanding of and appreciation for contemporary art through programs, social events and community collaborations.

Design Arts Society

Members of DAS aim to promote a greater awareness of design in our daily lives and to also help establish the IMA as an important center for the design arts in the United States.

Fashion Arts Society

By offering a variety of educational and social programs, FAS strives to further the understanding of fashion and textile arts from a variety of cultures and time periods.

Horticultural Society

The Horticultural Society celebrates the art of gardening by helping to develop, enhance and maintain the gardens, grounds and greenhouse.

Affiliate Resources

Helpful information for our Affiliate group members.