Corporate Team Building

View artwork, think critically, build communication skills, and try your hand at making art.

Each corporate team-building experience begins with a thirty-minute tour in the galleries to view masterworks in the IMA’s collection. Through a unique problem-solving process participants then cultivate the capacity to communicate their own ideas, while respecting and learning from the perspectives of others. Then, participants create a collaborative work of art.

Pricing Structure
Corporate Group experiences begin at $875 for 25 participants. Room rental and catering fees may apply.Corporate Group experiences must be scheduled three weeks in advance. All sessions last 90 minutes. Groups will be asked to take all artwork at the completion of the event. To schedule an event, please contact Nicole Minor at 317-923-1331, ext. 419.

Select a one-hour art-making experience from the following options:

Put it in Print

If your organization could be a tree, what type of tree would it be? Each participant will create a print based on their personal vision statement. During the second half of the session, the team will construct a two-dimensional tree using the completed prints.

No Rules, No Way?

This exciting experience is designed to activate imagination and enhance problem-solving skills, communication, and collaboration. Groups of five participants will be provided with a one gallon bag of random materials to use to construct the tallest free standing sculpture. Teams may bargain and trade with other groups. The winning team will receive a basket of IMA goodies.

Fast Forward

Where is your organization headed? This experience allows participants to think critically and creatively about future goals. Participants will be divided into groups of 10. A 3’x 5’ stretched canvas frame will be divided into a grid in advance of the event. Each participant will be assigned to a section of the canvas. Using acrylic paint, participants will create an abstract illustration of a personal goal. Teams will work together to blend the lines within the grid to form one cohesive work of art.

Customize it

If the options above do not fit the needs of your group, our team of educators can customize your art making experience. Additional fees apply.