Featured Projects

Proposed and Active Research Projects

  • Develop a rapid sample preparation technique for binder analysis of matte paints by FTIR
  • Characterize modern design materials and suggest appropriate treatment, registration, and storage protocols
  • Study the composition and ethno-botanical origins of resins and dyes in African art
  • Identify the composition of ephemeral homemade inks used by Chicago Arts & Crafts printmaker Gustave Baumann
  • Develop non-invasive methods for identification of historic and modern dyes in textiles, prints, costume, and design
  • Measure electrostatic properties of “plastic” paints and understand the role of static charge in dust accumulation on artwork
  • Determine preservation conditions and suggest treatment strategies for laminated metallic fibers used in modern and historic costume
  • Develop rapid methods for assessing the suitability of materials to be used in the storage, display, or transportation of artwork

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