Featured Projects

OSCI Toolkit

The OSCI Toolkit is an open-source project to create a suite of tools that facilitates the publishing and dissemination of online scholarly catalogues for art history. In 2011, the IMA was awarded a grant from the Getty Foundation to support the project as part of its Online Scholarly Catalogue Initiative (OSCI), which aims to create replicable models for collection catalogues in the online environment. This current project builds upon the framework and prototype software developed at the direction of the Art Institute of Chicago during the initial OSCI grant cycle from 2009-2011.

TourML & TAP

The TourML & TAP: a toolkit supporting museum mobile experiences project seeks to develop tools and a specification for building, sharing and preserving mobile tours that can be used by museums of all types and sizes to create and deploy their own mobile experiences. This project continues important work within the community to create mobile standards and open-source tools.

Learning How Visitors Look: Applications of Eye Tracking Research

Funded by an Institute of Museum and Library Services Sparks! Ignition grant, the Indianapolis Museum of Art undertook a research project with the aim of exploring whether or not eye tracking technology can be useful to museums seeking to better understand how in-gallery visitors actually “see” the objects in our collection. These issues have been addressed and tested in the context of three separate experiments that were conducted at the IMA between July 2011 and June 2012. The results of the first experiment are described in detail in the following paper: Evaluating the Practical Applications of Eye Tracking