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Online Scholarly Catalogue: Early European Collection

The Indianapolis Museum of Art’s long collecting history is reflected in its distinguished holdings of early European paintings (pre-1800). A full scholarly treatment of the collection has never been undertaken and more than forty years have passed since the publication of a summary collection catalogue in 1970.

The publication of a scholarly catalogue of the IMA’s collection of early European paintings has been anticipated for a number of years and the collection has been the focus of ongoing research by museum curators, fellows, and conservators. These efforts have intensified since late 2009 and reflect an increased commitment to collection research and publication. To date, efforts have focused mainly on the preliminary work of updating the essential catalogue information on each work of art, including references, exhibition histories, and provenance. In addition, new digital photography and technical surveying of the collection is in progress. This catalogue will be produced online over the course of a five-year period. As a recognized leader in the field of museum technology, the IMA is forging new territory in the realm digital publishing. IMA Lab developed an online catalogue management tool that promises to revolutionize the ways in which scholarly content on collections is produced, managed, published, and utilized by readers. The IMA will use this framework for this catalogue and future IMA online publications. Unlike printed collection catalogues, which can become outdated with advances in scholarship, online catalogues can be updated and revised as new information comes to light and new interpretations are proposed. This project is supported by grants from The Getty Foundation, The Clowes Fund, and the Samuel H. Kress Foundation.