Lilly House

Oldfields–Lilly House and Gardens is a 26-acre historic estate and house museum located on the IMA campus, north of the main Museum complex. Lilly House is a 22-room mansion that was once the home of J.K. Lilly Jr., the late Indianapolis businessman, collector and philanthropist. Known historically as Oldfields, the estate features gardens and grounds designed in the 1920s by Percival Gallagher of the famous landscape architecture firm Olmsted Brothers.

Audio Tours: Free Audio Tours are available for both Lilly House and the Garden with admission or membership. Visit the Lilly House Welcome Desk to rent a listening device, or visit on your smart phone to take the Garden Tour, or on your smart phone to take the Lilly House tour.


Information on the scientific and historical research on Lilly House with the goal of restoring the home to its 1930s appearance—the early years of the J. K. Lilly Jr. family's occupancy.

Interiors & Furnishings

Archival photographs of Lilly House taken during the 1930s were the starting point for research on interior furnishings.