Brian McCutcheon, Orbit, 2011. Commissioned by the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Courtesy of the Artist.

In the video installation Orbit (2011), McCutcheon further explores masculinity through a film reenactment of John Glenn’s infamous voyage. Staged in the interior of Capsule, the performance is represented in an adjacent gallery where two projections, one of Brian and the other of Angus, appear superimposed on a single translucent screen. In the video, man and boy each wear handmade silver spacesuits modeled after actual uniforms worn by astronauts during the Mercury program; their faces overlap and blend, much as their likenesses did in the sculpture Phoom! Crack! Kapow! Eeehaa! The soundtrack consists of Brian and Angus using their breath to mimic the sound of rocket boosters firing as they blast into space.