Publications & Presentations

Select Publications produced at the Indianapolis Museum of Art

Smith, G. D.; Hamm, J. F.; Kushel, D. A.; Rogge, C. E. “What’s Wrong with this Picture? The Technical Analysis of a Known Forgery” in Collaborative Endeavors in the Chemical Analysis of Art and Cultural Heritage Materials, vol. 1103, ACS Symposium Series: Washington, 2012, 1-21.

Bisi, S.; Smith, G.D.; Albright, G.E. “Purple Haze: The Development and Analysis of a Vapor Iodine Treatment for the Reduction of Silver Mirroring” Topics in Photographic Preservation, 2009, 13. In press.

Smith, G. D.; Klinshaw, R. J. “The Presence of Trapped Carbon Dioxide in Lapis Lazuli and Its Potential Use in Geo-sourcing Natural Ultramarine Pigment” Journal of Cultural Heritage, 2009, 10[ 3 ], 415-421.

Smith, G. D.; Nunan, E.; Walker, C.; Kushel, D. A. “Inexpensive Near-infrared Imaging of Artwork Using a ‘Night Vision’ Webcam for ‘Chemistry in Art’ Courses” Journal of Chemical Education, 2009, 86[ 12 ], 1382-1388.

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