Robin Rhode (South African, b. 1976)

South African–born, Berlin-based artist Robin Rhode creates digital animations, photographs, and films that often use city streets and walls as a base for graffitied paint or chalk. Rhode then physically interacts with the lines he has drawn, often adding more and erasing his initial markings to create the settings and props that enhance his unfolding narrative.

While Rhode often stages his performative videos in public places, Rhode takes to the studio for his digital animation Promenade. In the guise of his vaudevillian alter ego, Rhode interacts with white diamond shapes drawn in white chalk on a gray wall. At first, Rhode appears to be controlling the shapes, but they soon take on an agenda all their own. After engulfing the artist, the forms eventually recede, and Rhode is able to wrest back control of his creation and reclaim the defined space of the studio wall.

Artwork in the Exhibition

Robin Rhode, South African, b. 1976, Promenade, 2008, HD Digital Animation (color, sound), 5:00 loop, Courtesy of Perry Rubenstein Gallery, New York.