Summer Camps for Ages 8 to 10 - SOLD OUT!

Camps for Ages 8 to 10 have sold out. If you would like to be added to a waiting list, please email or call 317-923-1331 x490. Please include your child's name and the camps you are interested in attending.

Summer Camps for Ages 8 to 10

Sessions for campers aged 8-10 offer more advanced art instruction, opportunities to explore the galleries and grounds, and the chance to experiment with familiar and unfamiliar materials. Campers will create 2-D and 3-D designs and will learn new techniques in a fun environment.
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June 12-16/ 9 am-4 pm
$216 Members | $257.50 Non-members per session
Welcome to HogwARTS! Spend a week as a witch or wizard and create artworks based on the magical world of Harry Potter. Get sorted into houses, create a magic wand, design your house banners, play Quidditch, and much more. Study Herbology with a trip to the IMA Greenhouse, visit the galleries to learn about Muggles, and practice Potions recipes in the classroom. Great for Harry Potter fanatics and newcomers alike!
We are no longer accepting campers for the waiting list for You're A Wizard, Camper!


June 19-23/ 9 am-4 pm
$216 Members | $257.50 Non-members per session
Take a trip to the fascinating land of Ancient Egypt! Check out IMA’s collection of Ancient Art of the Mediterranean to be inspired firsthand. Learn about the history of Ancient Egypt, practice reading and writing messages with hieroglyphics, make your own papyrus paper, create Egyptian inspired amulets, and much more. Meet with an IMA expert and learn about a recent archeological dig.


June 26-30/ 9 am-4 pm
$216 Members | $257.50 Non-members per session

Bring your artistic creations to life! Design your own lab coat and perform art experiments. Learn how to make slime, grow crystals, and make a bouncy ball from scratch. Combine different parts of animals in imaginative anatomy drawings. Visit the Conservation Science Lab to learn about the chemical composition of paint, and then make your own paints. Visit the galleries and grounds and record your observations in your laboratory notebook.


July 10-14/ 9 am-4 pm
$216 Members | $257.50 Non-members per session
Create artworks inspired by the popular video game Minecraft. Construct buildings out of cardboard blocks and create your own Minecraft player complete with accessories. Create 8-bit video game themed artworks by working with geometric forms using paper, paint, cardboard, clay, post-it notes, and more! Design 2-D and 3-D art works while learning about shapes, colors, and patterns. As a group, design your own table top game complete with game pieces, rules, and a theme song.


July 10-14/ 9 am-4 pm
Ruth Lilly Visitor’s Pavilion
$216 Members | $257.50 Non-members per session
Learn about artists such as Andy Goldsworthy and Robert Smithson who use stone, sticks, leaves, water, and other natural elements to create nature masterpieces. Find inspiration from your outdoor classroom at the Virginia B. Fairbanks Art and Nature Park. Design, plan, and create an artwork for the IMA grounds that will gradually return to nature over time. Take home prototypes for your work at the IMA, along with other projects made from natural materials.


July 17-21/ 9 am-4 pm
Ruth Lilly Visitor’s Pavilion
$216 Members | $257.50 Non-members per session

Take an up close look at the creatures that live on the grounds of the IMA from your outdoor classroom in the Virginia B. Fairbanks Art and Nature Park: 100 Acres. Use binoculars to hunt for creepy crawly bugs and watch for soaring birds as you explore the campus. Observe the colors, shapes, patterns, and textures of birds and bugs, and record them in an illustrated field notebook. Make birds and bugs out of paper, paint, clay, and more!


July 17-21/ 9 am-4 pm
$216 Members | $257.50 Non-members per session
Spend each day learning about a different artist whose work is on display at the IMA. Create art inspired by 5 different artists from different galleries in the museum and learn some art history too. Learn what was happening in the world and think about what might have inspired the artist of the day. Listen to period music while you design, paint, draw, sculpt, print, and more! Create a class mural documenting all of the things you learn.

General Information

Registration Process

IMA Member registration begins on Monday, January 16 at 10 am online. To sign up for an IMA membership, please click here. Registration opens to the public on Monday, January 30 at 10 am onsite and online. Register online or call 317-923-1331 x490. Class sizes are limited to 15 participants, and registrations are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Camp Fees and Scholarships

Tuition is due in full at the time of registration. All campers are eligible for a full refund 30 days in advance of the program. During the week of camp, refunds will only be issued for campers who are ill or face a family emergency, and the fee will be prorated. Camp sessions are subject to cancellation if there is insufficient enrollment. In the event of a cancellation, campers will be notified and refunded in full. Camps for ages 4 to 5: $108 Members | $128.75 Public per session Camps for ages 6 to 13+: $216 Members | $257.50 Public per session After Care for ages 4-13+: $30 per week


We have a limited number of scholarships to offer campers whose family qualifies for free or reduced lunch through their school. Camp scholarships offer partial tuition assistance. Families are responsible for paying a reduced weekly fee of $25 per person for half day camps or $50 per person for full day camps. Families may use a scholarship for any available camp. Multiple scholarships per family are allowed, but limit one scholarship per child. Scholarships will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

For more information about scholarships or to reserve a spot, please contact Cara Lovati at 317-923-1331 x490.

Pick Up and Drop Off

Pick Up and Drop Off occurs in the studio classrooms.

  • Campers, ages 4 to 13 must be signed in and out, by a grown-up, daily. Campers will be released only to those individuals listed on your Pick-Up form.
  • Campers arriving before 8:30 am must be accompanied by a grown-up and will be asked to wait outside of the classroom.
  • Campers must be picked up by 4 pm. Campers who are enrolled in the After Care Program, must be picked up by 5:30 pm. A late fee of $3 per child is assessed for every five minutes of tardiness.


Campers staying for a full day of camp will need to pack a lunch and snack daily that does not require refrigeration or heating. Lunch is supervised by the teaching staff.


Campers staying for a half or full day of camp are encouraged to bring a bottle of water and a snack daily.

Camper Exhibition

On Fridays, friends and family are welcome to join campers for a special exhibition of their artwork. Campers participating in the morning session only will exhibit work inside Studio One at noon. Campers staying for a full day of camp will exhibit work inside their studio classroom at 4 pm. All work will be sent home at the end of the exhibition.