Type A (American, 1998)

Mark documents Type A's two members as they use their bodies to create drawings in chalk on their studio floor.

In the video’s first segment, each member draws a circle based on his height as a way to mark the difference in their bodily dimensions. The process is repeated, and the disparity between the original and subsequent marks becomes blurred. The second segment shows each performer filling in the shared space between their legs with chalk marks, creating a form that represents a cooperative process. In the third segment, the artists fill the floor completely with chalk, taking over the entire territory of the camera’s frame. This clever exercise in the mapping of personal and shared territory explores the nature of collaborative relationships through competition, challenge, and play.

Type A is the collaboration of Adam Ames (b. 1969) and Andrew Bordwin (b. 1964), who have worked together since 1998. Employing a variety of media, Type A creates artworks that address issues of masculinity, competition and collaboration in contemporary society. Another project by Type A, Align, is currently installed in IMA’s 100 Acres.

Artwork in the Exhibition

Type A, American, 1998, Mark, 2002, single-channel video on DVD (color, sound), 34:00, Courtesy of the artists.