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Guided tours MUST be booked at least 3 weeks in advance. To book a self-guided tour in less than 3 weeks please call (317)920-2679.
Guided Adult Group Tour Options
All tours are 60 minutes long, unless otherwise noted. Check the tours you would like and select a corresponding time preference.
Tour TitleAvailable Times
2017 Artist Designed Mini Golf
2017 Special Exhibition: Crazy Quilts: Stitching Memories (May 4, 2017 – January 7, 2018)
2017 Special Exhibition: Audubon: Drawn to Nature (April 1, 2017 - July 30, 2017)
2017 THEMED TOURS: Art of the World's Religions
2017 THEMED TOURS: Cheers! A Look at Alcohol and Food Through the Ages (No alcohol included in this tour. Indicate beer tasting interest (additional charge) in Note section or visit
2017 THEMED TOURS: Creative Hoosiers
2017 THEMED TOURS: Expressions of Love
2017 THEMED TOURS: Impressionism & Beyond
2017 THEMED TOURS: Ladies Night Out
2017 THEMED TOURS: Nazi-Era Looted Art and Museum: Continuing the Work of the Monuments Men (Limited to 30 guests)
2017 THEMED TOURS: What People Wore: A Visual History of Fashion from Ancient Times to Twentieth-Century Europe
2017 THEMED TOURS: Woman's Work
Accessibility Tour - A Garden Experience for Everyone: Limited Mobility and Sight Tour (Available April - October)
Accessibility Tour - Connections (for guests with early-stage Alzheimer's or dementia)
Accessibility Tour - Touch & Audio Descriptive Tour (requires 3-week notice). Restricted to Blind/Low-Vision groups.
Focus Tour - Faces
Focus Tour - Places
Focus Tour - Spaces
Gallery Spotlight Tour - Africa (limited to 60)
Gallery Spotlight Tour - America
Gallery Spotlight Tour - Asia (limited to 60)
Gallery Spotlight Tour - Contemporary
Gallery Spotlight Tour - Contemporary Design
Gallery Spotlight Tour - Early Europe (before 1800)
Gallery Spotlight Tour - Europe (1800-1945)
Gallery Spotlight Tour - Europe (Combination)
Gardens & Lilly House Tours - A Walk Amongst the Trees: Native Trees and Shrubs of 100 Acres Park (available April - October)
Gardens & Lilly House Tours - Branching Out: Exploring 100 Acres Art & Nature Park (available April-October, limited to 30)
Gardens & Lilly House Tours - Indiana’s Giants: Tour the IMA’s Native Trees (available April - October)
Gardens & Lilly House Tours - Inspiring Beauty: A Walking Tour of the IMA Gardens (available April - October)
Gardens & Lilly House Tours - LILLY HOUSE: Lilly House Tour ( limited to 40)
Gardens & Lilly House Tours - LOVE Outdoor Sculptures! Walking tour of Iconic IMA Sculptures (available April - October)
Interactive Dialogue Tour - Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) This is a facilitated discussion using open-ended questions to explore works of art. (45 minutes)
Interactive Dialogue Tour: Closer Look (limited to 40)
Self-Guided Options
Please check self-guided tours you are interested in and/or want more information about. Please note that these tours are truly self-guided, and no physical guide will be present.
Tour TitleAvailable Times
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