To see European paintings in the IMA’s collection that were created before 1946, acquired after 1932, and that have provenance gaps in the period 1933 to 1945, please click on the alphabetical index below.

The Canal, Brittany Landscape
La Fresnaye, Roger de
Vorhor, The Green Wave
Lacombe, Georges
about 1896-1897
The Swing
Lancret, Nicolas
about 1724
Portrait of the Actor Grandval
Lancret, Nicolas
about 1742
The Model (La Poseuse)
Fernand Lantoine
The Pool at Tuileries
Latouche, Gaston de
about 1908
Head of a Woman
Laurencin, Marie
After the Bath
Laurent, Ernest Joseph
about 1903
Going to Market, Brittany
Laval, Charles
Miss Harriet Clements
Lawrence, Thomas
about 1805