To see European paintings in the IMA’s collection that were created before 1946, acquired after 1932, and that have provenance gaps in the period 1933 to 1945, please click on the alphabetical index below.

Ecce Homo
Workshop of Bosch, Hieronymus
about 1510
Temptation of St. Anthony
After Bosch, Hieronymus
Flowers in a Glass Vase
Bosschaert, Ambrosius, the younger
about 1635
Madonna and Child with St. John the Baptist
Follower of Botticelli, Sandro
about 1490
Young Girl with Child
Bouguereau, Elizabeth Jane Gardner
after 1905
Rafaello Menicucci
Boulogne, Valentin de
The Concert
Boulogne, Valentin de
about 1625
La Concorde
Bouneau, Emile
Market Day
Bout, Peeter
Boudewyns, Adriaen Frans