The Essential Robert Indiana

Price: $49.95

Decoding Robert Indiana's visual language for a new generation, this book reveals previously unknown autobiographical elements in the Pop artist's paintings and prints. Famously proclaiming himself to be "an American painter of signs," Indiana has created an enormous body of work that is rich with personal and cultural references. In this incisive new examination, IMA curator Martin Krause and art historian John Wilmerding sift through autobiographical clues within the artist's work and find a wealth of affecting and affectionate references to Indiana's childhood, literary heroes, and the cultural icons of his generation. Hardcover: 152 pages w/ over fifty color reproductions. Dimensions: 10 x 12".

The Essential Robert Indiana was on view at the Indianapolis Museum of Art from February 16 - May 4, 2014.

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Indianapolis Museum of Art
Price: $49.95