Monster Drawing Rally

Deer Zink Special Events Pavilion

The Monster Drawing Rally is a fundraiser, community night and art-making spectacle that gives local artists the opportunity to support IMA programming while simultaneously gaining exposure within the community. It also gives collectors the opportunity to purchase original work for a low price. This year, more than 70 artists will work in three, one-hour rounds at 6, 7 and 8 p.m. to produce as many drawings as possible in their allotted time. Each of the completed drawings is available for sale as soon as it hits the wall (first come-first serve) for a flat price of $35. All proceeds support ARTx programming at the IMA.

Also during this evening, shuttles will transport guests from the Museum entrance to the Oldfields Estate for Christmas at Lilly House. In the Museum Store, Greenhouse Shop, and Lilly House Shop, we're celebrating Holiday Hullabaloo, our annual holiday shopping extravaganza with trunk shows, special guests, delicious treats, and more.

The IMA's ARTx Series is made possible by a gift from the Efroymson Family Fund

Schedule of Artists

    6 PM

    Taylor Braden

    Taylor Braden is a 12 year old artist who has had 2 pieces of art displayed in the World's Smallest Children's Art Gallery in Carmel, Indiana. She created those pieces in her art class at Carmel Elementary School. One piece was a paper flower sculpture and the other was a painting and collage of the artist and her cousin flying over a town in northern Indiana. She creates a comic strip entitled, "Dimond Cat," upcycles and refashions clothes from thrift and antique shops, and creates miniature rooms. She would love to attend the Herron School of Art as her selected college.

    Calvin Caskey

    BFA from Indiana State University (Painting and Photography)

    John Clark

    Editor of pLopLop magazine & a founding member of Big Car Collaborative.

    Erin K Drew

    Erin K Drew is a multidisciplinary artist and instructor and mental Titan making stuff and organizing events in Indianapolis.

    Justin Eagan

    I am an illustrator and artist living in Indianapolis. I mainly make posters for bands, but once I made a comic.

    Brandon Fields

    Brandon Eugene Fields was born on September 19th, 1986, in Washington, Indiana. He graduated from Washington High School in 2005. After, he enrolled in a small community college, Vincennes University, in Vincennes, Indiana. He then attended Herron School of Art for one year and transferred to Bloomington, Indiana where he began his studies at Indiana University. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from IU. In the fall of 2014, Brandon revisited Herron to obtain his terminal degree in Fine Art with a focus on printmaking, so that he will be able to teach at the university level. Throughout Brandon’s professional and academic career, he has sold artwork, designed logo’s for companies, received awards, participated in public art projects, and has appeared in Bloom magazine.

    Brandon and his fiancé currently live in Indianapolis, Indiana and enjoy spending time in the outdoors fishing, hiking, kayaking, and rock climbing. Brandon has a passion for teaching and learning. He is now teaching at Herron school of Art and Design and is interested in participating in various programs around the city of Indianapolis. His goal is to obtain a position teaching full-time at a university. There, he will use his dynamic personality to continue to learn and grow as an artist and researcher.

    Sofiya Inger

    I am a painter, and mixed media artist with interest in natural dyes and textile. I work on community installations, mosaic, and translucent objects. My recurring themes include impermanence of memory, human emotion, and our ties with Nature.

    Matt Kelm

    Matt Kelm is a senior designer at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. As a member of the design team, Matt works collaboratively across departments to design and implement exhibition and marketing campaigns, public program identities and communication materials, and campus wayfinding. Matt has a BFA in Visual Communication from Herron School of Art & Design.

    Duncan Kissinger

    Duncan explores the fine line between comedy and tragedy through dead-pan comedy, juxtaposition, and cosmic existential musings. It's like that feeling when you cry so much you start to laugh.

    Judith Kline-Stratton

    Kristopher Komakech

    Kris Komakech is at self-taught, mixed media artist working in Indianapolis, Indiana. Komakech's art was the subject of a NUVO Newsweekly cover story in May of 2013 and his work was featured at the 2014 edition of the Indianapolis Public Library's Meet the Artists series. Komakech's work seeks to increase public accessibility to the arts. Utilizing techniques often associated with social practice art, Komakech's artistic process engages viewers by including them in the creation of his work. Komakech frequently conceptualizes and creates his art in busy public spaces. His interactions with the architecture and people he encounters in these spaces routinely becomes the subject of his work.

    In many of Komakech's pieces the subject matter of the composition stretches to the borders of the material, giving viewers a sense that the artists couldn't adequately capture the full scope of his environment within the constraints of a single work. Indeed Komakech's creative objective has no immediate end as he seeks to visually map the ever-changing social and physical landscape of his Indianapolis home.

    Phillip Lynam

    Phillip Lynam was born in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1976. He received his BFA in painting from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1999 and his MFA from the University of Maryland in 2001. After several years as an adjunct professor of art and design in the Washington, D.C. area, Phillip returned to Indianapolis in 2003 and began working at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, where he works as the chief designer. Phillip lives outside of Indianapolis with his wife, son, and daughter.

    Brian & Angus McCutcheon

    Brian McCutcheon (b.1965 Traverse City, MI) is an interdisciplinary sculptor utilizing all media in conjunction with my highly crafted sculptural work, much of which is large-scale and public. In his studio work, he explores the relationships between play, masculinity, humor and skill. Rather than using a signature technique or image, McCutcheon's work evolves from an idea, then he will learn and incorporate techniques that are appropriate for representing that idea. This necessarily directs the artist on path of learning and customization for every project. McCutcheon often work with images derived from quotidian things: the cardinals, charcoal grills, sleds and vehicles that surround our daily lives. Finding a poetic resonance in these common objects has been a central pursuit in his art practice.

    George Meluch

    George Meluch collects interesting looking sticks, gourds and has a preoccupation with the concept of gold. It has been noted that George is very tall, though all things are relative. A native Hoosier, (Who's ear?) George was born by the Wabash, raised on Kurt Vonnegut's books and is a graduate of Herron at IUPUI. George resides in Lebanon Indiana with his wife and daughter.

    Jared Miller

    My name is Jared Miller, an artist from Fairmount Indiana. I received my BFA in painting from Ballstate in 2012. My studio is a converted 2 car garage. There I make my own acrylic paint and stretchers. I also dabble in wood cut print making as well as mixed media drawing as well. My art would be described as visceral, textural, and painterly. Most of my work is personal narrative which occasionally includes a commentary on the fallacies and truths to masculinity. Some of my artistic heroes include:Caravaggio, James Ensor, Gaylen Hansen, Red Grooms, Tintoretto,Francisco de Goya.

    Michelle Pemberton

    Michelle Pemberton has made a name for herself internationally as a multimedia journalist with the Indianapolis Star, photographing anything and everything. From arts and culture to fire and mayhem, Michelle has amassed a diverse body of work with a focus in studio. Her work as appeared internationally is hundreds of publications. Michelle is a graduate of Herron School of Art, where she was awarded 9 prestegious scholarships and awards. During her professional career Pemberton has been awarded 3rd Place, Illustration, Best Of Photo Journalism, and AP Photo of the Month 2012/2013. As a fine artist Pemberton has shown her mixed media work in over 20 local and national group shows. Michelle was also a founding member of the Naptown Rollergirls, rollerderby league which has gone on to empower hundreds of women, filling a need for a sport created by women for women. Michelle also has extensive experience as a fashion stylist and art director for still and film productions. Michelle has worked extensively with models, and hair & makeup professionals to create over 400 hundred magazine covers for Intake Magazine, Metromix Magazine, Magazine, and the Indianapolis Star. Currently Michelle is a multimedia reporter for the Indianapolis Star covering arts, culture, and the social

    Christine Plantegna

    I am an artist who specializes in portraiture. I also teach drawing and painting in various media, including currently teaching watercolor at the JCC.

    Joey Ponce

    Joey Ponce is a 28-year old designer in the Indianapolis area. Originally from El Paso, Texas, Joey moved to Indy in 2011 to join the design team at Angie’s List, where he worked as an Ad and Production Designer. He currently works as Senior Designer at Achieve, a research and campaigns agency for causes, where he works on creatively illustrating and advancing his clients’ identities and messages, bringing strategic design to an organization’s brand or campaign. His work for Achieve’s clients ranges across a variety of different mediums, including, but not limited to, web, print, email, digital media, research reports, strategic plans, presentations and conference collateral.

    He is passionate about experiencing the vibrant culture of Indianapolis and its surrounding community, and sharing those experiences with others. His personal illustrations include hand-drawn typography, screen-printed posters, chalkboard art, as well as large-scale murals. Joey graduated with a degree in graphic design and printmaking from the University of Texas at El Paso.

    Brandon Bailey Schaaf

    I'm an illustrator and performing artist with Know No Stranger who dreams of one day having a Twitter handle.

    Janice Shimizu

    Janice Shimizu, AIA, is an assistant professor and the M Arch director in the College of Architecture and Planning at Ball State University and is a principal at Shimizu + Coggeshall Architects. Licensed in both the states of California and Indiana, she has worked on an array of programs, scales, and conditions: theatres, schools, and residences. In 2014, she lectured on the ‘Fundamentals of Net Zero Residential Construction’ at the AIA National Convention. She is currently a co-curator for ‘First Thursdays Art Walk’ at Muncie Makes Lab. At BSU, Janice teaches design studio and design communication media classes. Before that, she was an adjunct faculty member at the University of Southern California. Janice holds a Masters of Architecture degree from SCI-Arc and graduated from the University of Manitoba Environmental Design program.

    Donna Sink

    Donna Sink is an architect, urbanist, and city lover. She has a master of Architecture degree from Cranbrook Academy of Art and is active locally on the boards of the American Institute of Architects and People for Urban progress. She co-hosts a weekly podcast called Architect Sessions: In the News

    Melanie Younger

    People tell me I'm really good at art but I still ain't seeing it to be honest. I draw mostly cats, other animals, or anything creepy.

    Gary Younger

    51 year old juvenile delinquent.

    Jacqueline Zahnow

    I enjoy being creative with photos, wood,clay, sketching and more...

    7 pm

    J. Beaver

    Interested in the small and minute, an artist that values the incidental and expressive mark.

    Shane Brown

    I am the artist for Sun King Brewery. I also do a lot of freelance work around town. I am really getting know for my chalk art as well. lately!

    Taryn Noelle Cassella

    Taryn Cassella was born on November 19th, 1989 in Elkhart, Indiana. She studied painting at Herron School of Art and Design and graduated with her BFA in May 2013. Since then, she has spent time traveling abroad for art residencies and other artistic endeavors. Taryn currently lives in Indianapolis and spends her time working as a studio assistant for local designers, while also keeping up her own studio work.

    James Dies

    A Graphic Designer / Illustrator with a strong love for comic art, science fiction, fantasy and nature. The majority of my work focuses on merging the human form with growth patterns from nature and/or fantastical machines designed to emulate biology.

    Penelope Dullaghan

    Penny is an award-winning illustrator who has been making vibrant, whimsical, and impactful art for over 10 years. She has worked with a wide variety of clients, including Crate & Barrel, Oprah Magazine, New York Times, Starbucks, Target, Spirituality & Health Magazine, Vegetarian Times, The Washington Post, Papyrus and Panera Bread Company. She chronicles her artistic development at her website,

    Bryon Elliott

    Byron Elliott enjoys character design, visual storytelling, illustrative branding, and eating tacos.

    Andy Fry

    I'm an artist, graphic designer and musician. I am the creative director at Big Car, and also co-owner of Anemonae, a design practice, with my wife Emily.

    Rebecca King

    Rebecca King uses a variety of tools to explore the issues of community, legacy, and placemaking. She received a B.A. in Dance from Point Park University and has collaborated with artist Dante Ventresca under the name Theater of Inclusion since 2000 to create visual and performance works. Rebecca has received the Indiana Governor’s Award for Tomorrow’s Leaders from the Indiana Humanities Council, the Creative Renewal Fellowship from the Arts Council of Indianapolis, and is a graduate of the Stanley K. Lacy Executive Leadership Series.

    Emma Landwerlen

    Emma has lived in Indiana her whole life and recently graduated from Butler University with a degree in History and Art+Design. She works primarily with watercolors, but also enjoys working with ink and markers as well as mixed media.

    Martina Manns

    I am a freelance artist that is constantly looking for new opportunities that can advance my creativity. I started drawing when I was in middle school with just pencil and paper. I began to work with different mediums such as chalks, sculptures, and acrylics when I was in high school. I attended college as a double major in Fine Art and in Mass Communications. Not only did I advance my current skills, I also began to learn more about other mediums such as ceramic firing techniques, stained glass, graphic design, photography, and video production. Today, I try to keep my current artistic skills up all the while keeping an open mind on any creative thinking available around me.

    Jennifer Qian

    Jennifer Qian is an American-born Chinese. She was born deaf on October 30, 1991, in Dayton, Ohio. At the age of four, she underwent cochlear implant surgery in order to hear. Throughout her entire life, she has lived differently than others, which enabled her to appreciate her way of life. She mainly grew up in North Carolina, spent four years in Hong Kong then one year in China. She has attended a school for the handicapped, public schools and international private schools. She received her bachelor’s degree from the School of Art Institute of Chicago, where she studied sculpture. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree at the Herron School of Art and Design in Indianapolis, Indiana. A skeptic, she believes in science and facts but is interested in aspects of Buddhism, religion, spirituality and philosophy. Unable to feel rooted to a place physically, she is perhaps nomadic in a way since her work wanders from material to material, context to context, yet they are almost always about the appreciation of life, adaptation of human nature and the state of the mind.

    Wiliam Denton Ray

    William enjoys spending time with his family, listening to music and he does a series of daily drawings everyday. He creates his work at his home studio and his studio at the Harrison Center for the Arts. His newest work is larger in scale and more abstract than his previous work. William draws inspiration from a variety of sources including Basquiat, Picasso, Miro, graffiti, skateboard graphics and music.

    Stephanie Lewis Robertson

    Much like a musical conversation, Stephanie Lewis Robertson sings to her hand-dyed and –printed fabrics while she works, exploring the layering effect of color, pattern, sewn and drawn lines, movement and shape. Spirituality, ritual, traumatic brain injury, nature, music and the power of women serve as the inspiration for the fabric and paper constructions.

    Ms. Robertson is the Program Chair for Fine Arts at Ivy Tech Community College, Central Indiana region. She is also the former Exhibitions Associate at the Indianapolis Art Center. Among her awards and grants are three Individual Artists Grants from the Indiana Arts Commission, Best of Show, Indiana Surface Design Show in 2014, Second Place (2015) and First and Third Place (2011) in Surface Design at the Indiana State Fair, recipient of the Stutz Artists Association Studio Space in 2002, and an Arts Council of Indianapolis Creative Renewal Fellowship in 2001. She holds a MFA (1994, University of Georgia) and a BFA (1981, Miami University) in Fabric Design. Her work is included in several collections, including Community Hospital North, Community Hospital South, Pratt Corporation, St. Francis Hospital (Indianapolis) and the Arts Council of Indianapolis, as well as numerous private collections. She is also a teaching artist with Arts for Learning of Indiana.

    Her exhibitions include Make Your Mark (StutzArtSpace, November 2015), Inspired By Dreams (Indianapolis Interchurch Center, November 2015), Indiana State Fair (Indianapolis, IN, August 2015), TBI Prayers (Indianapolis International Airport, June 2015), Indiana Surface Design Association Exhibition (The Arts Center, September 2014), A Portrait of Womanhood (Indianapolis Interchurch Center, February 2013), The Infinite Moment of Now (Indianapolis Art Center, June, 2011), Indiana State Fair (Indianapolis, IN August 2011), Exploring the Surface (Indiana Humanities Council, December 2011) TBI Stories (Plainfield Guilford Public Library, December 2011) and Uncovered: Food for Thought (StutzArtSpace, November, 2010).

    Aaron Scamihorn

    Aaron Scamihorn is the designer, illustrator and screenprinting proprietor of Ronlewhorn Industries. As the founder of Craft Brew Doodle Crew, fast-paced creative doodling is one of his favorite things to do.

    Lauren Smith

    I am a lifelong resident of central Indiana and a graduate of IUPUI. I love to use a variety of media and explore a variety of styles. My work has always been influenced by both American and Japanese animation, comics, and iconic painters. I'm drawn to subject matter that makes me smile and I always seek to create art that makes others do the same.

    Kevin Smola

    Upon graduating from the University of Southern Indiana in 2003 with a degree in Graphic Design, Kevin worked as a freelance graphic designer while painting. After a commission for an office building in Indianapolis, Kevin started increasing his production. In the Summer of 2005, Kevin was awarded the Stutz Artists Association Artist-In-Residence Grant. His technique evolved to display an expressiveness that dapples each canvas with vibrant color and undulating textures.

    Kevin currently lives in the Indianapolis area with his wife and two sons. His work has been represented in New York City by Agora Gallery and exhibited internationally in locations such as Paris, France and Bologna, Italy.

    Holly Sommers

    Holly Sommers creates equal amounts of officially-sanctioned and wholly-unsolicited art that serves her community and sanity.

    Matt Sommers

    Matt Sommers makes things. In fact, he just won’t stop. Couldn’t if he tried. He does it for the sake of doing it, regardless of the outcome. It’s not for you and your oppressive expectations. Chill out.

    Eric Stine

    Born and raised in Indiana, I am an artist, designer, and maker of all sorts. I am co-owner of the bookbinding company Yonder Bound, designer at Lodge Design, and partner in the creative group Robel/RottoBella. I also like dogs.

    Jim Walker

    Jim Walker is executive director of Big Car Collaborative, a nonprofit socially engaged art and placemaking organization based in Indianapolis. He worked recently lead artist on Spark Monument Circle, a partnership with the City of Indianapolis funded by the National Endowment for the Arts to reimagine Monument Circle with a new physical design and public programming. He’s also leading Big Car’s work to use art as a tool for revitalizing the Garfield Park neighborhood south of downtown Indianapolis. Walker lives with is wife, curator Shauta Marsh, their two children in the Garfield Park neighborhood. Walker has worked as a teacher, designer, public artist, photographer, and writer. He's organizer of TEDxIndianapolis and producer of the Indianapolis 48 Hour Film Project. And he’s a member of the Indianapolis cluster of CEOs for Cities, as well as the steering committee for Reconnecting to Our Waterways, an effort to improve the areas around creeks, streams, and the White River in Indianapolis.

    Eric Nelson Walton

    Invisible things are all around us – wind, time, human presence, love, thoughts, and fears. Struggling with inadequacies, perceived and unperceived, I find myself stuttering through life tripping over the intangible things. As an artist I immerse myself in this invisible dissonant world and allow the discoveries to reverberate out through my hand. Freeing myself from our visually hyper-stimulated culture I enter a meditative state. Where I am able to sense a directional energy, which is repetitively echoed in the drawings. Creating soulfully observed forms that reveal a part of our veiled universe as something visibly experiential and personally sharable.

    Tori Weyers

    Tori Weyers was born in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1978. Weyers is a fine artist and designer specializing in, illustration, mixed media, and abstract painting. She received her BFA from the Art Academy of Cincinnati and been working as a professional artist and designer since 2000. Her work has been published in both Somerset Studio’s Art Journaling Magazine and F&W publication’s How Design Magazine, she has also shown her work in many galleries both regionally and throughout the Indianapolis area. Weyers is a featured artist at the Sideshow Art and Auditorium gallery in downtown Indianapolis and teaches mixed media, painting and printmaking at the Indianapolis Art Center as well as project based classes at the Nickel Plate Arts Gallery in Noblesville. Her artwork has been collected throughout the United States and throughout the world including, Canada, Australia and the Netherlands.

    You can see her latest work online at or at her downtown studio in the Circle City Industrial Arts Complex during open studio nights on the first Friday of each month from 6 to 9 p.m. or by appointment.

    Nicole Whitis

    Nicole Whitis has experimented with many art forms over the last 20 years--she has been a professional silversmith, an award-winning knitter and handspinner, and is currently exploring drawing and painting.

    During the day, Nicole works as a Sr. Web Designer in downtown Indianapolis. When she’s not creating amazing Web-based user experiences or visual art, she enjoys practicing her cello, and occasionally competing in powerlifting and strongwoman contests.

    She lives in Indianapolis with her partner, Mark Sundquist, her two children, Anina and Lev, and her cats, Ysabeau and Étienne.

    Andrew Young

    Andrew Young is a freelance illustrator of comics, games, and children's books. His published books include the three volume Caye Boy series as well as Dragons and Hot Sauce, a book of Children's Poetry. You can visit his studio at the Circle City Industrial Complex, 2E and ask about projects, commissions, or sit down and talk comics.

    8 PM

    Brent Aldrich

    Brent Aldrich works across art and community development in Indianapolis, the city he just loves. These disciplines converge in projects that are place-based and relational, often working alongside a range of neighbors and partners.

    Doug Arnholter

    Greg Boll

    I am currently in the 2nd year of an MFA in furniture design at Herron School of Art and Design. When not building things, you'll most likely find me doodling in my sketchbook.

    Justin Brown

    I'm 27, went to Illinois institute of art in Schaumburg. Mostly work in collage, mural, and video. Set production mostly. An expressionist if nothing else.

    Adam Dick

    Adam Dick graduated from Ball State in 2014 with a BFA in Drawing. He is currently a graduate student in drawing and painting at Herron.

    Megan Hart

    Megan Hart is an Indianapolis-based artist working mainly in black ink. The subject of her images mainly focus on whatever topic she is interested in at the time, particularly things that are hidden from us or we choose to ignore. Past work has centered on topics such as animal agriculture, the inner workings of the human body, sustainability, and the military industrial complex.

    Johnny B Hazard

    I like to art it up. Illustrator, cartoonist, stuff maker, comedy nerd, beardist. Wild and crazy guy... on the inside.

    Lara Huchteman

    I am an exhibition designer based in Indianapolis, IN. My educational background is in architecture (University of Oklahoma) and design history (Parsons, The New School for Design/ Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum). I love the criteria of design. Design is full of requirements and obstacles that must be worked around or met within one's creativity. I like to take this approach to fine art as well.

    Emily Kennerk

    Emily lives and works in Indianapolis. Works in a variety of mediums.

    Martin Kuntz

    Martin Kuntz is a large scale pop painter working primarily in oil and acrylic. Born in the Netherlands, he moved to Indianapolis when he was a child and grew up on the south side of Indianapolis. He graduated in 2008 from The Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore with a BFA in Painting, and has since been an active member of the Indianapolis arts community showing in numerous group and solo exhibitions. Aside from being an artist, Kuntz also serves on the Board of Directors for Primary Colours and is the Gallery Coordinator for Primary Gallery in Fountain Square.

    Brent Lehker

    Brent is an artist, creative place maker and designer. He holds a BFA from Herron School of Art. Brent works in multiple mediums, but when asked he will say he “builds things.” When Brent says “builds things,” he means the objects he builds with his hands along with the relationships he builds in his world.

    Craig Dodge Lile

    Founder of,, and MOKB Presents. Co-Owner of The Hi-Fi. Senior Director of Advancement @Raidious. DJ on SIRIUS XMU, Channel 35. Father of two talented, incredible daughters. Husband to the most amazing and beautiful wife. Part-time potter and ceramic artist. Downtown dweller. Food and music enjoyer. Civic and cultural champion. All-around lucky dude.

    Benjamin Martinkus

    More of an image-marker than image maker, Benjamin Martinkus aims to make the relationship between viewers and their images more legible. In his work he combines objects, image culture, and media to articulate an ethic of viewership rooted firmly in the personal.

    Martinkus teaches Art and Photography at the Herron School of Art & Design. He earned his Masters of Fine Arts in Photography from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2005. He has shown nationally at institutions including; Zephyr Gallery, Heaven Gallery in Chicago, the Harn Museum of the Arts in Gainesville Florida, and Herron's Basile & Marsh Galleries in Indianapolis.

    Colin Nesbit

    Colin Tuis Nesbit received a BFA in Lithography from Illinois State University and his MFA in Drawing and Printmaking from Brigham Young University. Interested in the studying the experiential processes associated with spaces, he also received a Master’s minor in phenomenological studies.

    For the last ten years, Colin has worked for numerous museums, alternative spaces and commercial galleries including The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, Murray State University Galleries, University Galleries at Illinois State University, and The Central Utah Art Center. An experienced curator, he has organized shows for galleries and alternative spaces in California, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Texas, and Utah.

    Experienced as an educator, he has taught courses in drawing, printmaking, installation, and professional practices at Brigham Young University and Murray State University and was a tenure track faculty member at Laredo Community College in Texas.

    Kate Oberreich

    Visual artist making art and other things in Indianapolis. Owner/Operator/Maker at Kate Oberreich - Art + Illustration and co-founder of Social Sketch Indy all while advocating for Indy arts as Cultural Concierge for the Arts Council of Indianapolis.

    Kyle Ragsdale

    Kyle Ragsdale grew up under the big beautiful skies of New Mexico . He received a bachelor’s in painting from Baylor and a master of fine arts from Southern Methodist University. He began showing professionally at 22 and has shown in galleries in Texas, Mississippi, Michigan, Kentucky, and Indiana. He came to Indiana in 1993 and has shown in many spaces, but his primary gallery is at the Harrison Center for the Arts, where he is also curator. He loves the community of artists there and loves his amazing old studio that was once the choir room in another life of that building. Ragsdale also designs productions and sets for Summer Stock Stage and the Phoenix Theater. He lives in Fountain Square with his wife and surrounded by amazing neighbors who share food and tools, and play board games. He loves walking to great restaurants and clubs and incredible artist venues. His house was designed by Craig McCormick who is now with Blackline Studio, also in Fountain Square.

    Gautam Rao

    Gautam Rao is an artist based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Born in Washington D.C., he was raised in Bangalore, India. He earned a BFA at Boston University in 1999 and an MFA from the University of Pennsylvania in 2002. Gautam is Associate Professor of Art at Butler University.

    He is particularly interested in the intersection between art and design. Recent exhibits include Typeforce 5/Chicago and Biennial 28 at the South Bend Art Museum. He is the father of twins and a huge Sherlock Holmes fan.

    Dassie Rice

    Indy gal loving the downtown life -- passions include but are not limited to: cooking, creating, crafting and cocktails -- the 4 great C's of life. Previous work includes pallet paintings of the Indy Flag, State/City designs and privately commissioned designs for printed material. Works available in Indiana State Museum, Etsy and Homespun.

    Nathaniel Russell

    Nathaniel Russell was born and raised in Indiana. After college, Russell spent several years in the San Francisco Bay Area making posters, record covers, and woodcuts. He returned to his home city of Indianapolis and now spends his time creating drawings, fake fliers, bad sculptures, wood shapes, and music. Russell’s work is regularly shown around the world in both traditional galleries and informal spaces, usually surrounded by an expanding list of friends, collaborators, and like-minded folk. He frequently returns to his second home of California to work with friends on projects as varied as murals, print workshops, and backyard musical performances.

    Suzy Slater

    Suzy Slater was raised on her parents’ farm in Noblesville, Indiana for most of her youth. She graduated from Culver Academies in 1998 and made her way to Texas where received her BFA in 2003 with an emphasis in sculpture from Southern Methodist University in Dallas. Suzy subsequently attended Stewart’s International School for Jewelers after which she spent the next eleven years in Central Florida working as a professional jeweler, motorcycle enthusiast, and world traveler. Her metal work includes custom designs for both commercial and private clients. In the spring of 2014, Suzy returned to Indianapolis where she is currently an MFA candidate in sculpture at the Herron School of Art and Design.

    Scott Stulen

    Heidi Wieland

    I am an interdisciplinary artist, designer, and feminist blogger. I have classical art and music training that I have eschewed for a neo-dada aesthetic. I enjoy guerrilla placemaking, fashion, pop culture, and glitter. Lately my work revolves around oddball music, interactive performance, and assemblage.

    Priva Wittman

    Priya Wittman is currently an MFA candidate in Visual Art at Herron School of Art and Design. She acquired her BFA in Painting from Herron in 2011. In addition to working on her thesis project, she teaches foundation coursework at Herron and plans to continue teaching art at the college level after graduation. She has been the fortunate recipient of several awards and honors throughout her career, including a fellowship residency at the Ox-Bow School of Art, and a visiting artist appointment at Murray State University. Her work has been shown in several states across the country.

    Monster Drawing Rally Indianapolis Museum of Art 4000 Michigan Rd., Indianapolis, IN