Science Fair: The Science of FLOW (Hands-On)

Included with admission

FLOW: Can You See the River? is a public art project in 100 Acres: The Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park that combines science and art to help us reflect on the White River and its contribution to our city and our lives. Come out and experience the river close up – and learn about what hydrology (water science) can teach us about a waterway’s quality and health. Talk to a few hydrologists on the path around the lake and take a close look at the technology and tools they use to learn about the river – including a real-time lake-stage gage, weather stations, groundwater observation wells, and local aquatic life. Hydrologists and biologists from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) Indiana Water Science Center will be stationed around the park to demonstrate how data are collected and explain what the data might mean about the White River. USGS scientists worked with artist Mary Miss and the IMA to collect data about the White River as part of the FLOW project. While in the park, grab a snack or drink at Chop Stick, the new concession stand.

Want more info about the USGS Indiana Water Science Center, and current projects? Check here or on Twitter @USGS_IN. This event is presented by the USGS Indiana Water Science Center as part of the White River Festival.

Indianapolis Museum of Art 4000 Michigan Rd., Indianapolis, IN