Urbanized Summit: LOOK/MOVE/GROW

Engage with urban leaders and change-makers in a half-day summit focused on the design of Indianapolis and issues around urbanism: transit, civility, diversity, redevelopment, livability, and resilience. The summit is segmented into three themes: LOOK, MOVE, and GROW. In the LOOK segment, hear from experts on big ideas foundational to the future of our city. In MOVE, tackle issues surrounding transit in Indianapolis. In GROW, participate in a sticky-note brainstorming session facilitated by Big Car and Keep Indianapolis Beautiful designed to translate urban design livability principles into actionable ideas. Also, at the Urbanized Bazaar, meet those leading the latest, greatest urban design initiatives that are shaping Indianapolis now and in the future.

Click here for the detailed summit agenda and speaker bios.

At 5 pm, Gary Hustwit’s new film, Urbanized, will be screened in The Toby following the summit.

Presented by:
Butler University Center for Urban Ecology
Indianapolis Museum of Art

Sponsored by:
Health & Hospital Corporation (Gold Level Sponsor)
ASLA (American Society of Landscape Architects) (Silver Level Sponsor)
Central Indiana Community Foundation (Silver Level Sponsor)
FlashPoint Human Resources Consulting (Bronze Level Sponsor)
Local Initiatives Support Corporation (Bronze Level Sponsor)
Indianapolis Downtown, Inc. (Bronze Level Sponsor)
RATIO Architects, Inc. (Bronze Level Sponsor)
Center for Energy Research/Education/Service, Ball State University (Bronze Level Sponsor)
Hoosier Environmental Council (Bronze Level Sponsor)

Additional Support from:
Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Association
Big Car
Keep Indianapolis Beautiful
Ball State University

Free | Reservations Required
Make reservations by calling 317-955-2339 or email. Provide your name, affiliation (if attending on behalf of an organization), and contact info. Deadline: Wednesday, October 5.

Biking, busing and carpooling to this event are encouraged.

Indianapolis Museum of Art 4000 Michigan Rd., Indianapolis, IN