Content and Context in African Art

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Senufo people, Female Ancestor Figure, 20th century
Indianapolis Museum of Art, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Crane Fund, Anonymous Art Fund, Mary V. Black Art Endowment Fund, Lucille Stewart Endowed Art Fund, Mrs. Pierre F. Goodrich Endowed Art Fund, General Endowed Art Fund, 1999.31

A work of African art can rarely be interpreted in a simple way. More often than not, African art is characterized by a multiplicity of meanings that exist concurrently in one single work. Join Dr. Constantine Petridis, IMA Mellon Global Curator and Cleveland Museum of Art Curator of African Art, as he illuminates the importance of the contextual setting when interpreting the meaning of African art.

Content and Context in African Art Indianapolis Museum of Art 4000 Michigan Rd., Indianapolis, IN